PDSA Pet Aid

We are a PDSA Pet Aid or Care Practice

We are a PDSA Pet Aid or Care Practice, not a PDSA Practice. There is a world of difference.


Dedicated PDSA Practices provide a full time service, where clients only need to make a donation, of whatever they feel they can afford.


A PDSA Pet Care practice is one which subscribes to the PDSA Pet Care Scheme. Clients still have to pay for their services, but they get discounts. They also have to pay a subscription to the PDSA.


You can find all the costs, requirements for eligibility, and benefits via the button below.

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You must be registered with both the PDSA scheme AND the practice before being eligible for the scheme. Only one pet per household is permitted, and it is expected that you register  your other pets with us too.

 Please note that acceptance by the practice is not automatic, and you should discuss it with us first.