If you are looking to book a cat vaccination, please be aware that there is an ongoing shortage of some cat vaccines affecting all UK Veterinary practices. Find out more here.

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Chris Burch - Clinical Director

Chris Burch

Chris Burch Clinical Director
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Nicola Garnham - Veterinary Surgeon

Nicola Garnham

Nicola Garnham Veterinary Surgeon
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Nic Gibson - Veterinary Surgeon

Nic Gibson

Nic Gibson Veterinary Surgeon
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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Here at Burch Tree Vets we are committed to the continual improvement of our environmental performance, find out more by reading our Environmental Policy.

PDSA Pet Aid

PDSA Pet Aid

We are a PDSA Pet Aid or Care Practice, not a PDSA Practice. There is a world of difference, find out more.

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